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BF4DB doesnt care about cheaters


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Hi guys,

i just want to talk about the fact that BF4DB Admins etc. have well knows cheaters on their friendlist and lot cheaters have also "trusted" status on the BF4DB website.

I mean just WTF, theyre talking about fairplay, good service and cheat protection and .....

I know that also the EA support has sympathizer for cheaters in. I confrontated EA Special Advisor (they guys above normal support staff) and they just gave me the answer that they doesnt tolerate this and if a support staff is cached as cheater or doesnt take action against those he get fired. But i really think that this couldnt be the reality when you look onto battlelog for BF3 & BF4 and compare the banhistory with PBBans, GGCStream and BF4DB.

There is also something i recognized. BF4DB has "trusted" and not listed cheaters  who are banned from PBBans & GGCStream.

I just wonder about that not more people recognize such things. I cannot be the onyl one (or am i just the only one care about xD ??? )


Another example is EAC- Easy Anti Cheat i reported a CSGO Match in 2017. There were 4 vs 4 Cheaters i. It was played via Challengeme protected by EAC.
I reported it to EAC Support. All i recieved was a insulting message how dumb i am etc. from an admin. I tried it 3 times or so to get another guy from EAC but also in Steam Forums i got insulted by a Mod/Admin. And the cheaters never got banned.

I mean you could say i false detected this guys a scheaters ...... but nope, i checked their profiles a few months ago and they got all banned within 1 year by VAC after i faced them.


So there MUST BE cheater sympathizer in all of those. And i think this is a warning. A warning for the companies to check the peaople they hire for their support/service. A warning sign for Steam and the developers to hire community moderators/aadmins for their stuff.
and a warning sign that something is going really wrong when cheating is tolerated more and more by the players, the developers and the communities. Also that the most SERVER HOSTERS do not care about anti cheat protection via PBBans, GGCStream not only in the past also now (so you could not say meeeeh this are old services and old games) it was a problem in the past and it is a problem now and in the future. I also recognized that integrated anti cheats (cryprotect for crysis and crysis 3 as example) or FairFight for BF4 and so on are NOT ACTIVATED as standard from the Server hosters.

I mean for what do we/you  pay money when they do not give a good service and configure and setup things well ?
The essential question is how could such behaviour be tolerated ? Why is there no way to do smth. against this abuse ? Why is ther eno person you can talk about to solve this ?


Just thinking im just thinking now its ur turn to talk about .....


Im still searching for a SPONSOR for hosting BF3, BF4 and more servers.

My Server Project on Discord: https://discord.gg/A7vtjmw

Universal PB - PunkBuster config for Server Admins https://github.com/BestNoob/pbsv.cfg

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BestNoob/

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Punkbuster is no longer trustable for many bans. It is a dead company and punkbuster triggers without actually cheating. Happened several times.

Therefore, I also refuse to use GGC or PBbans, because they are based on only this.


Please provide proof for your claims.

This is a procon forum about procon. How, about contacting BF4DB... Or talking with them.

BF4DB accepts pb violations only as supporting proof.



Many people, including me would like to turn punkbuster totally off if possible. However, it is not.

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By the way punkbuster and fairfight are always enabled on ranked servers. Does not matter if it is set to false in the config.

Need new plugin features? I can change: Adkats, AdKatsLRT, LanguageEnforcer, InsaneLimits, xVotemap for you. Also working on new plugins. Have an idea? Share it and I might include it in my repos. Github.com/hedius


Check out E4GLAdKats for an advancded and maintained AdKats version.

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