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Insane Limits - Examples

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On 5/6/2020 at 8:25 AM, Hedius said:

Does: "( player.Kdr> 0.10 )" trigger?

enable virtual mode to see actions or write a msg to the console to see if it triggers :x

Thanks for your reply

I have virtual mode turned on and procon shows it looks up the stats and it just loads the player and does not trigger the kick. 

This is what the console shows.  It shows my player name but it does not kick me which it should because myplayer exceeds the KDR limit

[08:34:54 68] [Insane Limits] Thread(fetch): Web-Stats for Myplayer logged to: Logs\\20200508_battle.log
[08:34:56 27] [Insane Limits] Thread(fetch): DONE inserting 1 new players, 0 still in queue, took a total of 2 secs

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Hi, I need some help with making an insane limits code, I'm totally new to Insane and how to make a code.

I have made a code in Procon rulz, but it bugs sometimes. Therefor, I want to use Insane Limits now.

This is my Procon Rulz code :
# Backup Yells
#On Say; Text Alley; TeamYell %p% Needs backup in Alley
#On Say; Text Red; TeamYell %p% Red Stairs needs Backup
#On Say; Text Ramp; TeamYell %p% Ramp needs Backup
#On Say; Text C flag; TeamYell %p% C is being captured need Backup
#On Say; Text A flag; TeamYell %p% A is being captured need Backup
#On Say; Text locker; TeamYell %p% Locker needs Backup

This I want to make with Insane Limits.  I friend for other Community made this :

//Simple on chat - auto message
//Limit evaluation - OnAnyChat
//Limit first check - Code

if ((player.LastChat).Length < 2) { return false; }

//replace "word" with the word it will trigger on if typed in the chat, but don't remove the quotation marks (")

if (Regex.Match(player.LastChat, @"word", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase).Success) {

//replace "text" on both with a word group / sentence it should display on trigger, but don't remove the quotation marks (")

plugin.SendGlobalMessage(player.Name + ":text");
plugin.PRoConChat(player.Name + ":text");

//you can replace "SendGlobalMessage" (sending it to all players) with

//SendTeamMessage(sending it to the team the player is in)
//SendSquadMessage(sending it to the squad the player is in)
//SendPlayerMessage(sending it to the player himself)

It only works with the SendGlobalMessage, when I change it to SendTeamMessage Insane gives error. I also want it to be a TeamYell message for like 5 seconds.

If possible i want it Case sensitive to.


I hope someone can help me.



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Hey all, been a long time.  I used to run a server for BF4 which had a KDR limit enforced but for the life of me can't even remember if I used insanelimits or proconrulz for this. I've searched but can't find what I'm looking for. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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